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Canam Technology Inc. (CTI) pioneered rebroadcast technology and developed the first ever AM tunnel rebroadcast system in 1962.

CTI is a leader in rebroadcasting, as a designer and manufacturer of AM & FM, VHF, UHF & 800-MHz Rebroadcast Systems and AM&FM Radiators (Tunnel Antennas) and as an integrator of rebroadcast radio systems for highway tunnels, in-building and subway systems.

CTI's current Mark systems are the result of more than 40 years of development and operational evaluation. There are over 50 current Mark Rebroadcast Installations. Some have over 10 years of continuous, failure free operation.

The Mark IV Narrowband Class-A BDA provides a cost effective legal alternative to Broadband Class-B boosters, which are illegal in most urban settings. The Mark IV can also be used in retrofit versions to upgrade Class-B boosters to the required Class-A configuration.

The Mark IV meets the demands of current and future digital radio systems since the MARK-IV DIGITAL uplink path filters can be programmed to transmit only your assigned frequencies as a Class-A Signal Booster. Narrowband delay is less than 110 uSec delay, in addition the downlink path channel filters can be broader to accommodate the fastest digital modulation requirements e.g. within buildings.

CTI has designed and integrated two-way radio rebroadcast systems using various platforms: Base Stations, BDA (Broadband Boosters) and OFR (On- Frequency-Repeaters) for Public Safety and Cellular customers. Our background as system integrators adds to our experience as designers and manufacturers of rebroadcast systems.Rebroadcast System


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