Mark-III AM & FM Rebroadcast System


The IBMS is a monitor component of the Mark-III AM & FM Radio Rebroadcast operation in tunnels. The IBMS is a AM & FM tuner based system with external control.

It allows monitoring of multi-zone systems (1, 2 or more tunnel bores or tubes, depending on configuration). The IBMS offers a practical option for hearing what is actually being rebroadcasted in the tunnel. This allows tunnel personnel and operators to assess that the emergency messages are being heard by the commuters inside the tunnel.

The next figure shown the Graphical User Interface of the application


  • Band Selection (AM or FM)
  • Channel selection
  • Preset memory
  • Auto-scan function
  • Digital Display with Frequency, Band, Stereo, RDS and other indicators
  • RDS reception in FM broadcasts (Europe RDS, US RBDS)
  • Independent AM & FM antenna inputs
  • Advanced RDS search functions
  • Local Button front panel
  • External Control thru RS-232 tuner control with RT protocol
  • Bore (tube) selection via discrete inputs "Optional"
  • Desktop or rack mount versions
  • Analog Stereo Audio Outputs
  • Integrated G.U.I. Control Panel in VAR3 software suite
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IBMS Datasheet

IBMS In-Tunnel Broadcasting Monitor System DATA SHEET




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