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ITS - Intelligent Transportation System

Mark-III AM & FM Rebroadcast System has been an integral part of the development of (ITS) Intelligent Transportation Systems for highway tunnels.

The primary users of highway tunnels are passenger vehicles, whose standard informational platform is a commercial car radio. AM & FM Rebroadcast in highway tunnels encourages drivers to keep their radios active.

The use of an Mark-III AM & FM Rebroadcast System when combined with the emergency override option, allows a locally produced message to substitute all of the normal broadcast signals, and creates a critical access to all of the active car radios in the tunnel.

Emergency override messages may be as simple as lane closures announcements or as critical as communications during tunnel emergencies such as emergency bore closures and tunnel fires. The emergency override gives the operating agency the ability to communicate with the primary users of the tunnel and complement other ITS elements like variable message signs (VMS) into a more effective traffic management system.

Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) can be included as an incremental channel on the Mark-III AM & FM Rebroadcast System, to make that channel available within the tunnel to compliment and enhance the adjacent over the air HAR system. AM & FM plus HAR Rebroadcast significantly enhances traffic management and safety in Highway Tunnels.



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