Mark-III AM & FM Rebroadcast System


The MARK-IIIA is a fully channelized system using frequency converters that will reproduce each radio station with the same stability and modulation quality as broadcast by the radio station.

The MARK-IIIA can also substitute the over the air radio station signal with a locally produced emergency message.


The Digital Recorder and Override Controller (VAR3) is a computer based system.

The VAR3 has digital recorder capabilites that allow the broadcast of pre-recorded messages.

The VAR3 also has the capability to control and monitor the status of the rebroadcast system .

AM & FM Amplifiers

In order to feed the distributed antenna system in a building or tunnel, the use of amplifiers is required.

Canam Technology offers a wide selection of amplifiers that may be fed using standard coaxial cable or using fiber fed links.


The IBMS is the monitoring component of the Mark-III AM & FM Radio Rebroadcast System. The IBMS is a AM & FM tuner based system with external control.Rebroadcast System




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