In-building/In-tunnel Radio Coverage

CTI has designed and integrated two-way radio rebroadcast systems using various platforms: Base Stations, BDA (Broadband Boosters) and OCR (On- Channel-Repeaters) for Public Safety and Cellular customers.

Two way radio rebroadcasts for public safety agencies for in-building, tunnels and subways has been essential; however in the post 9/11 era the need for effective communications for first responders has never been greater.

With the expansion of carriers into the public safety band and the move to digital has made delivering a clear signal to the user in the field consistently more difficult. Rebanding is a step in the right direction, however with the number of sites requiring improved in-building coverage, illegal broadband siters must be replaced with FCC compliant channelized rebroadcast systems. Canam Technology has introduced the MARK-IV as a response to this requirement.

The MARK-IV aids in the communication of the public safety agencies, while the MARK-IIIA provides a way to communicate with commuters in tunnels and people in buildings using a conventional Mark-III AM & FM radio. Therefore, the combination of these two systems provides a complete solution to address emergency situations.




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