Management Team

President/ CEO
Michael G. Martinez
Directs Canam's strategic planning, marketing and administration. Michael has directed Canam Technology since 1997, with 20-years in Engineering Project Management and a background in management with previous experience as a Vice President and General Managers for two Broadcast Networks'
Vice President
Victor Bermudez
An Engineer for over 30-years and Vice President of Engineering for Canam technology since 1997. Victor manages the research and design teams for Canam as well as directs the project management teams. Victor has been the technical director for numerous tunnel-rebroadcast systems.
CTI Lead Project Engineer
Richard Picado
Richard has been the Lead Field Engineer for Canam Technology Inc. for the last 10 years. Richard has been in charge of completing and supervising the installation of Tunnel Antenna Radio System Projects including Cumberland Gap Tunnel in Kentucky, Posey/Webster Tunnel in California, and the Central Artery Tunnel. The systems implemented were comprised of Two Way Radio Communications Equipment and Radiating Cable Network.
CTI Director R&D
Ricardo Montero
Directs Canam's R&D. Manager of the Channelized Rebroadcast System "Mark- III and Mark-IV systems" design and manufacturing process.


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