Mark-III AM & FM Rebroadcast System

MARK-IIIA Channelized Rebroadcast

The MARK-IIIA is the state of the art in AM & FM rebroadcast equipment. The continuing investment in research and development has maintained Canam Technology's leadership in the field.

The MARK-IIIA improved circuit design expands the system dynamic range for complete flexibility and selectivity of AM and FM stations. The MARK-IIIA can receive any radio station available in the tunnel site and effectively rebroadcast that station into the tunnel.

In addition to the MARK-IIIA's virtually unlimited over the air interface, the MARK-IIIA has an audio feed capability for stations not available at the tunnel sites that using an audio feed interface into the system.

Most AM & FM Rebroadcast installations include voice override features, allowing the normal on-air radio signals to be substituted with locally produced messages in case of emergency or traffic advisories.

Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) signals can also be rebraodcast using a dedicated radio channel in the AM or FM band.


Technical Documents
MARK-IIIA Datasheet

MARK-IIIA AM & FM Channelized Signal Conditioner System & Two way radioOverride Generator Data Sheet




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