Mark-IV Two Way Radio

Mark-IV Digital Narrowband Signal Booster

The Mark-IV Narrowband Class-A BDA is "America's Street Legal BDA".

The Mark-IV Digital filters can be configured as Class-A BDA Narrowband (Channelized) Signal Booster to meet the demands of current and future digital radio systems and the FCC Rules.

The Mark-IV Digital’s patent pending design is for multi-carrier two-way rebroadcast, where significantly high dynamic range is required on a channel-per-channel basis, while delivering lower & flatter group delay. Effective coverage and dynamic range to simultaneously handling weak and strong incoming signals are enhanced by Automatic Gain Control on a per-filter window basis.

The filters’ bandwidths & selectivity are software-defined and the system personality could be selected by the user in order to achieve very narrow filters windows, such as 100 KHz BW for less than 10 uSec delay per filter, or 12.5 KHz BW with 60 dB rejection at 50 KHz offset for less than 30 uSec delay.

The Mark-IV Digital programmable filters deliver Flat Group Delay (Linear Phase response) within their passband, a must for today and tomorrow’s digital modulation formats.

The Mark-IV Digital filters stage could also be used to retrofit existing Class-B Broadband Bi-directional Amplifiers (BDAs), converting them into Class A Narrowband (Channelized) Boosters compliant.


Digital Narrowband Signal Booster

The MARK-IV provides a cost effective legal alternative to broadband Class-B boosters.


Broadband Bi-Directional Amplifier

Canam's Broadband Bi-Directional Amplifiers (M4-BBDA) are Class-B Signal Boosters. They are designed to boost trunking or conventional two-way radio signals to extend coverage into shadowed areas or enclosed spaces (in-buildings or in-tunnels rebroadcasting). The amplifier can be fed through conventional copper cables, or through a single-mode optical link upon request.



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