Two Way Radio

CTI provides in-building and in-tunnels coverage extension rebroadcast solutions for the Public Safety Mission Critical, Professional/Business Critical and Cellular two-way radio market.

Our line includes channelized narrowband signal boosters and broadband bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) in the VHF, UHF, 700 and 800 MHz bands for USA FCC Part 90 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR and ESMR) networks, and elsewhere Private Mobile Radio (PMR) including TETRA, TETRAPOL and Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) services.

They are suitable for both analog and digital modulation formats such as P25, iDEN, OpenSky, ASTRO, EDACS, TETRA, TDMA and others, in conventional or trunked radio networks.

The MARK-IV DIGITAL’s patent pending design is for multi-carrier two-way rebroadcast, where significantly high dynamic range is required on a channel-per-channel basis, while delivering lower & flatter group delay. Effective coverage and dynamic range to simultaneously handling weak and strong incoming signals are enhanced by Automatic Gain Control on a per-filter window basis.

The Mark-IV Digital Narrowband Signal Booster meets the demands of current and future digital radio systems.

Mark-III AM & FM Rebroadcast System

Used in Highway tunnels for rebroadcasting the AM (530 - 1620 kHz) and FM (88 - 108 MHz) commercial broadcast bands to all vehicle traffic.

Rebroadcast system features the option of emergency voice override on all stations within both broadcast bands. The system permits locally produced messages to be heard by all active car radios within the tunnel area regardless of what station the radios are tuned.

Tunnel Radiators

Canam technology offers several solutions for tunnel radiators. Radiators are available for the AM & FM, UHF and 800 MHz bands.

MARK-IV Incident Commander & Series FCC Class-A

Enhanced FDNY Auxiliary Radio Communications System (ARCS), which can supply both FDNY local repeater channels plus EMS off-air rebroadcast in a single compact channelized BDA.

Eliminates the need for dedicated basestations and very complex and bulky combiner system to integrate an EMS BDA with the FDNY ARCS traditional repeaters, which combiners are not built to support EMS.

Rebroadcast System


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